"I went to see Carol after a surfing accident gave me a huge contusion on my leg. Carol’s magic soft tissue work made all the different in my recovery. I am back to doing all my previous activity. Thanks Carol! "



"I have been seeing Physical Therapist Tanya for about 5 weeks for an injured rotator cuff. With all the exercises given to me, and her careful detail, I am getting better every week. My mobility has increased almost to normal now. She taught me to stand with good posture, sit to my best physical advantage, and move with more control and strength. I am so pleased with my progress! Tanya will answer any and all questions with great detail. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and I feel lucky I was assigned to her."

— Louise R.


"Outstanding PT results for myself, husband, and several friends. I’ve had PT with 2 or 3 therapists before my orthopedist recommended Carol. Carol & Joan are the best!!"

— Pam s.


“I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for many years. As a result, my posture had suffered and had hip and knee pain. I had never tried Pilates before coming to Ocean Point. With Carol’s help, my symptoms have improved tremendously. I am stronger due to her therapy methods, and have very little discomfort. I am improving each week!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

— paula h.


“If you are looking for the best physical therapy in the South Bay, and are serious about changing your life, this is the place you have been looking for. Joan, Carol, and their staff are the best I have ever been treated by. I have a bulging disc, and when I first got to Ocean Point , I had trouble driving for longer than 15 minutes and standing up straight. After over 2 years being helped by them, I am able to run again, paddle board, and be an active father to my 3 year old. My wife came to Ocean Point with knee and hip problems, and now is set to run her first half marathon! 
When you are ready, they are ready to help you like they helped us! Don't wait...”

— jason b.


“I've been going to Ocean Point Physical Therapy twice a week for a year and a half. Carol has provided the most relief, of any of my efforts, for the chronic lower back pain that I've been living with for the past 6+ years.

I had gone to two other physical therapists before I was referred to Ocean Point Physical Therapy, and in both cases they had me using a combination of weights, bands, and mat exercises to help strengthen my core. In both cases I hurt more after every session, which over time, left me feeling hopeless.

Based on a new doctor's referral I started to go to Ocean Point. The program that Carol developed for me is Pilates based core stabilization using the Reformer. The exercises didn't make me hurt and my pain level reduced quickly after I began working with her. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics of the body and skillfully adjusted my program to suit my strengths and weaknesses as I progressed. 

She provided an enormous amount of healing and I strongly recommend that you give her a try.”

— sharon c.


“Referred here by my back doctor for Pilates-based core strengthening work to help relieve my lower back, bulging disk pain. I just completed twice weekly sessions over three months and can honestly say the time and (insurance co-pay) money invested paid off for me. 

I've experienced two other physical therapy groups in the Southbay over the past 3 years but Ocean Point is by far the best, from my perspective. Co-owner Carol was my therapist: I found her to be very knowledgeable, professional and challenging as she led me through a series of progressively more difficult core-strengthening/stabilization exercises. Her manner was the right mix of challenging trainer (you're losing your abs, Lisa!) and friendly colleague. From my observations Carol's manner/direct vocal guidance as I was led through each exercise, was the best of the group here. Having said that, the support staff of Taryn and Lauren who periodically stepped in to work with me, are also very good.

The site itself is easily accessible on PCH/Torrance Blvd. and offers a very light, bright, airy and clean environment.

"Two thumbs-up" from this reviewer: Ocean Point offers a comfortable, encouraging environment while also pushing you (if that's what you are ready for) to improve via physical movement.”

— lisa k.


“Thanks for such a great prenatal experience. It was hard at times but I kept with the program. I didn't really see the added benefits of the workouts until I gave birth, besides my back pain was non-existent throughout the pregnancy. It was a long labor but it worked out great in the end. I felt in control and I had little pain. I can even see more benefits this week postpartum as I am back on my feet and have gone on several walks and have lots of energy.I feel my body is a lot stronger than before I became pregnant and I even gained 50lbs!! I have the foundation built for future success.”



“The pilates work for low back pain is the best PT I’ve ever found… excellent care, excellent skill, excellent theory and execution.”

— dan c.


“Very nice and clean place. The therapists are awesome. Tanya (my therapist) is really nice and friendly. She helped my a lot. She showed me how to keep correct posture when I do the exercises and more. I really have to thanks Dr. Kartik for referring me to this place. I strongly recommend this place for therapy.”

the 3 cousins


“Ocean Therapy incorporate a lot of pilates in the therapy. This is perfect as I have continual back issues. Tanya and Carol are both great. They tell you exactly how your muscles should feel so you know you are doing the exercises right and they helped with my body mechanics. After two weeks I started feeling a difference and I actually enjoy my PT sessions!”

— linda s.


“I had acdf for c5 and 6 done in early July. My first PT session with Carol was a week ago, I was not too sure about it. I say this because I am not into Pilates at all and never have been. I did go home however and do all the exercises for recovery that she taught me and I have to say I am already feeling better. By my 2nd visit with her I felt I was more mobile and understood the importance of what she is trying to do to help me. Carol is very easy to talk to and be physically comfortable around. The office is open and airy and is never overcrowded. The desk staff is so sweet and inviting! I am glad that my surgeon recommended this place.”

— Catherine F.


“I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR CAROL AND OCEAN POINT PHYSICAL THERAPY! Carol literally gave me my life back! If you are injured and want to get well this is the place to go. The staff is easy to work with and Carol knows her stuff and will make you work hard. After breaking my leg in an accident in July I was so scared that I would get out of shape and never regain my strength and movement. I am so happy to say that less than 9 months later I am close to normal and pain free! Thank you so much everyone. I am grateful.”



“I just wanted to say that Ocean Point Physical Therapy is the very best possible. I have had the best coming there for my post-surgical spinal problems. Joan and Tanya are really superb and I could not have asked for more. They work hard at helping a patient and always think of something new to assist them on the path to recovery. In addition to expertise, they are fine people and always have a kind word. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”



“A great facility with a caring staff. I always send my clients to Ocean Point because they love the mix of PT and Pilates. If I had to do physical therapy, this is where I would go . “

— Jamie Lynn N.


“I highly recommend Ocean Point PT. My 80+ yo mother had a course of treatments with Joan for back pain. Joan was great at trouble shooting and coming up with a few exercises that really helped her get back on her feet and walk with confidence again. She continues to do the exercises as a preventive measure.”



“Carol and the staff are outstanding. This is my second round of therapy with Carol. I have improved so much following my abdominal surgery in December. THANK YOU!”



“Leaders in innovative, pilates-based physical therapy where patient care is number one.”



“Easy-going professional staff that help you heal the quickest way possible.”



“What a great experience here! My twice-weekly sessions with co-owner Carol over the past 3 months to better manage my lower back, bulging disk problems truly worked! Their Pilates-based approached was the right fit for me. The site is bright, airy, clean, professionally-maintained and fun to visit. Having said that, the progressively more difficult series of exercises Carol led me through were not easy. Hollow out that core! Cheers and a huge Thank-You to the Ocean Point Team!”

— L.K.